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Originally Posted by Low Roller View Post
Why? If it's something you use everyday, that's even more reason to invest in good quality to make your everyday tasks more enjoyable. Once you find one that writes well, without smudging or scratching, you can just stick with it and never have to think about it again. A $100 pen that lasts 25 years really isn't that expensive. Plus, if you ever have to backdate documents, you're much less likely to get caught (I'm kidding...really).
Disclaimer : I am not a stylophile by any means but appreciate a good quality pen.

I think you are confusing the ink with the pen. It is the ink that determines qualities like smudging, flow, etc. The pen part to some extent impacts delivery but I always thought the main appeal of the pen was how it felt in your hand (i.e. weight and balance) and whether it's something that's comfortable for your writing habits (i.e. if you're a writer working on dozens of pages of a book). The former tends to be cheaper than the latter (i.e. most ink carts are between $3-$30 depending on brand, qualities, etc.) whereas the barrel or proper part of the pen can cost hundreds of dollars.

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