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As with every thread, there's always one person such as this, who has to flash their status and unnecessary input. It really isn't bad planning for someone such as myself that relies on only 2 accounts, with 2 different banks but has had them both affected, and I don't have 5 backup's from global institutions, as all that ego just doesn't fit into my wallet, unfortunately. Also, the fact that I am travelling imminently doesn't help matters at all, this should have never happened on BA's part. So take your 'massive amount of credit' and don't judge us for not even bringing this upon ourselves in the first place.
I'm not flashing anything at all. And there is absolutely no ego, whatsoever, nor am I judging anyone. I am disappointed you took my post in this way.

I only describe what I have done to ensure that I have access to funds to cover as many eventualities as possible. It is a set of preventative actions based on an assessment of risk, to spread the risk as far as I can.

No one in this thread is disagreeing with the fact that this is all of BA's own making. The quicker the book is thrown at BA, and the harder it hits them, the better in my opinion.
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