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A crippling fine will benefit BA customers, will it? Think that through, and imagine where BA/IAG will have to go to recover that loss. Yes, you and me, one way or another. More ‘enhancements’, perhaps? BA’s shareholders have already seen the share price drop.

I share everyone’s anger/annoyance, but taking a slice out of BA’s pockets isn’t going to do US any favours.
oh please spare me that. IAG should be forced to pay; airlines show a tremendous disregard for its customers (like most transport companies) and it is not because they thought it fun that the EU implemented directive EC261. It is to change behaviours.

Given IAG are sitting on €8.1bn cash you may argue that they’ve already taken that money, particularly any that have come from IT savings. BA still operate in a competitive markets for the most and can’t simply start charging what they want (except for certain LHR routes).
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