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Mrs Flygod got the email last night - but neither she nor I have made any bookings with BA over the relevant period.

What we have done is try to close the second avios.com account that Lloyds set up because my Spanish wife uses her first surname for almost all UK things, except travel where she uses the first and second surname since that matches her passport. The demise of avios.com means that she now has two BAEC accounts too!

So we spoke to avios.com and they spoke to BA to merge BAEC accounts, since avios.com is closing.

So the email has now left Mrs FG worried that BA really don't know what is going on - or that someone has used her details to book a flight/car hire/hotel?

On ba.com, there is an option to search for booking made with avios and made with cash. The "Made with Avios" comes up with: we can find no bookings. The "Made with cash" then asks you to put in the PNR - a useless request if you don't know the PNR, which you wouldn't if someone had hacked your account and bought a ticket/hotel/car hire !

This latest computer debacle just highlights BA's major legacy computer system problem. It is going to cost a lot to fix. And won't help nervous flyers either.

So far their "solutions" are only concerning this person more.
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