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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
I would like to see Marriott suffer some pain on the earnings side, as I feel their customer service and communication have been truly deplorable. And I'm hopeful that an earnings hit will send the message that they need to do better.
The communication around the issues has certainly not been good. Overall communication about the merger has been pretty good I think. Clearly they were caught off guard and couldn't figure out a communication plan to react to the problems. They should issue an apology for that. A generous promotion or handout for elites with any status wouldn't hurt either.

But I don't hope they lose money from bookings. Lose money on the apology, as I noted above, instead. Marriott getting hurt while customers get nothing doesn't help most people feel better.

To answer your original question, I'm not booking away. I've seen no difference at all in the experience or the customer service at the properties, and I book a hotel for my sake, not to "hurt" a company. Ok, so they didn't thank me for being a PPE at my last stay but I got the benefits...that's the only thing different I've noticed and it was never consistent anyway.
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