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Hi All

Quick update on my experience as a NatWest customer. Further to what I was told on Friday (that is to monitor my account and only call if I noticed suspicious behaviour) tried to use my card last night and my card was declined.

Contacted NatWest and was put through to their security team. I was informed that BA had supplied updated information to VISA (not NatWest) and as a result of this information VISA has placed a block on any cards identified as affected (not sure if this is true but this is what I was told).

Only solution was to cancel my card and issue a new one which is going to take 5-7 working days and leaving me very inconvenienced as I’m still travelling for another week.

I was also told (by the understandably very frustrated NatWest person dealing with the nth call on this last night) that the information coming through from BA has been poor and sporadic.

Just thought I’d update as it’s a very different position to Friday.

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Might not be related, but I was prompted a couple of weeks ago when logging in to my executive club account to change my password. Didn't think anything of it at the time, but now I'm wondering.

I also have received the dreaded email, however my transaction was to pay a deposit for the family holiday next year. As many others have said, as BA are not being forthcoming on EXACTLY what data has been stolen (and consequently I don't believe them right now when they say travel information was not taken), it causes concern that criminals will know when our home is empty.

Like others I had the 'PIN' issue when trying to reset my password through account settings. Using 'forgot my password' worked for me.

Contacted my bank this morning (Natwest), was on hold for just over 20 minutes (very unusual waiting time due to account I have), and the person I spoke to was very aware of the issue. As I'm traveling and it would be REALLY inconvenient to cancel cards, they were of the opinion that as there had been no fraudulent activity on my account to just keep an eye on things, and to call immediately if any suspicious transactions appear and fraud team would refund. Assured me that they had increased their fraud monitoring me as a result of the BA issue and were confident they would pick up any fraudulent activity.

While it could be argued that BA may have handled things quite well (from an IT perspective) once the breach was discovered, I have been less than impressed with the spin, weasel words, and wriggling already displayed in trying to play down, or deny, their liability.

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