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Originally Posted by fotographer View Post
Is there a reason for this?
Because BA does not want either its higher-tier members or anyone else to learn or to think that they can reliably get to sit in a higher cabin even though they have only paid for a lower cabin. Basically, if you want business class, pay for business class.

So there are two parallel approaches.

First, passengers are only upgraded for free if there is a good reason to do so, commonly because the lower cabin is overbooked and empty space in the higher cabin can be used to accommodate the excess bookings.

Second, such upgrades (when they are necessary) are often used as a marketing tool, suggesting to passengers (who are not necessarily higher-tier members) in the most practical way possible why they should pay more next time to sit in the higher cabin. This use of upgrades has become more sophisticated over the years, with a specific software tool (called DUT) suggesting to the airport who should be upgraded.
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