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Originally Posted by Lizie View Post
'If you hold a Category 6, 8, or Tier 1-3 legacy certificate, it's ideal to downgrade your certificate before converting so that points don't potentially get lost in the process.' hhoope01

I'm not sure about this. When I redeem my Cat 6 cert I will be looking for a Cat 5 or Cat 6 property as repeatedly promised throughout the purchasing process. I won't be accepting a new Cat 4.
Wish you all the bests. Make them pull phone records, threaten them you would sue in small claim courts or whatever legal avenues available. And keep us updated.

Originally Posted by Mr. Vker View Post
I used to consider myself a TP PhD. Now I feel like I am in kindergarten. I have a Cat 8 I tried to downgrade. Twice I have been told the systems aren't ready and to try later. I think I will wait a few weeks. Nothing pressing to use it.
System CAN handle it but reps may not know HOW TO do it. The rep who did the downgrade for me several days ago, initially did not know how to but she went to check - and came back told me, "I need to do it using the Old System." The mechanism is to cancel the old cert and reorder the new cert. with the lower amount. I even managed to cancel a new NC4 with value of the OC6 and receiving the full pts into my account. I already have more certs than I feel I can use within one year so more willing to get full refund of the points on the partial cert.

I hope Sept 18 would really bring about the change but I am not hopeful the way Marriott IT has been functioning. If you read other threads on how people's point balances are messed up, stays not posting, etc etc and their account statuses kept changing - it seems to me the IT tried to fix one thing and then broke other things in the process.

Marriott is simply too cheap not to hire the data migration experts (such as the Big 4) to do the job. Wonder there is even the Go/No Go meetings before the migration, judged by the myriad of issues we are facing. In any other industries, the management would make apologies to their customers and to keep communication channels open as on the progress. Yet, we have not heard any official words from Marriott either before AND after the messy merger. The only tidbits we have had so far are the posts here, and the David Flueck interviews with selected bloggers, that this guy has the nerve to claim 99.9% of their customers are not affected by the merger... Wow. talk about Big Lie.

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