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Originally Posted by Denizined View Post
When trying to register with an .air account (while on the ground) the security question bug still seems to be there. I can fill out everything on the registration form but the 'Please choose a question' drop-down for both Security Question 1 and Security Quesiton 2 is not populated with anything. A few other people in this thread mentioned the same experience. Anyone have any insights/solutions for this issue?

OK, just to reconfigure my advice: to anyone who wants to use BA's wifi, you best register before flying, you can do it just in case, and use a full spec PC/laptop rather than a tablet, even though it was written for tablets. This is quite important since on every BA wifi flight I have been on I have seen at least one person struggle with it, and have now on several occasions walked people through it on my laptop (and they were all a lot younger than me, where I reckon I'm a dinosaur in IT terms since I use the pipe command in DOS prompts)

1) Use Internet Explorer if you can, this was the browser that was used in their test program
2) Go to initially
3) Then click Sign In (top right)
4) Then switch to the second tab, Register, and you should get this:

5) This tricky bit is that it moves ok (ish) for tablets but on on laptops the scroll bar is, would you believe, blue on blue! It is there but you have to guess its location. Now I know how to switch the Accessibility Colours around, but let's leave that for the moment. You can see this in the next screenshot. The easiest way to handle this, if you can't spot the blue on blue arrow in the bottom corner is to use the tab button, however be very careful to enter your date of birth - year - month - day - carefully since the field flow is also wonky, to use a technical expression.

6) Then you get to the two sets of security questions, and the options for both are as follows:
What is your favourite outdoor game?
What is your favourite child’s toy?
What is your favourite pet’s name?
What is the name of a memorable place?
What is your memorable date?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite drink?
What your favourite book?
What is your memorable holiday destination?
What is your memorable event?
What is your favourite hobby?
What is your least liked food?
What is your favourite TV show?
What is your favourite radio programme?
Who is your favourite celebrity?
Who is your favourite musician?
What is your favourite flower?
6) Enter in the details and you should see a small green bar along each field to show it has gone ok, then Register.

7) Finally, and you can / should do this on the ground - and check it all works by signing in. If you get this, you can sail straight into BA's wifi in the air without too many further problems.

8) At the risk of repetition, it's a lot easier to do this well before travel and using a full PC using Internet Explorer.
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