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Automatic Upgrade Request Inhibitor

Hi fellow flyers--

I have what may seem like an unusual question, but hoping someone can help me anyway. I have managed to achieve premier status with Mileage Plus, and I enjoy most of the benefits, but there is one benefit which I do NOT want to use, but I can't figure out how to get rid of it. When I book I flight, I like to choose my own seat specifically...but with premier status, it seems like I am always automatically placed on the upgrade waiting list. I don't want that--I want the seat that I picked.

I've never actively asked for an upgrade or to be placed on an upgrade waiting list--it (the app) just tells me that I'm eligible and/so I'm automatically on the wait list. What I have done about this so far is to contact the Reservations desk and ask that I be taken OFF the upgrade wait list...and then they flip an "upgrade inhibitor" flag on my reservation.. But they said this is per reservation only, and cannot be done "permanently".

They told me that if I don't want to be placed on the upgrade waiting list, don't request it on the app during the check-in process...but I have combed the screens of the app (and the website), and there is no opt-in or -out section of the check-in process.

Is there anyone with more experience with this that can tell me what to do about this? Either tell me where in the app / site that I can opt-out, or who can I call or talk to to opt-out without calling reservations every single time.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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