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Originally Posted by matt21 View Post
Comparing it to BJ "cheating" is a bad example. The better comparison is a stock option, where I pay a fee for the option to do something later. I can choose a BS fare with the ability to cancel AT ANYTIME for a full refund, but it's likely a much higher fare for this privilege. Should I choose a lower Wanna-Get-Away fare and cancel, I forfeit the ability to get my money back and instead accept it as a 1 year Southwest credit.
That's interesting that you put the word cheating in quotes. It's not "cheating", it's cheating. It really is cheating. It is a crime in the state of Nevada, and you can go to jail.

Your example of a stock option doesn't make any sense. You're not paying the fee for the option to do something later. You are buying the lowest fare instead of paying for the flexibility. A better example is buying or selling stock based on yesterday's closing price instead of the current price. Do you know of any brokerage firms that will let you do that?

I mostly fly Southwest because I value this flexibility as you pointed out. If such flexibility weren't available, I'd probably start flying other airlines where I can often get a first class ticket for the same price as a BS fare. Since I don't fly the others regularly, I can't comment on if this is a common practice due to change fees or other restrictions. I do however know of several people/companies like myself who use similar tactics and are very loyal to Southwest, not out of any "scheming", simply because their schedule demands the optionality. It's a competitive advantage that wins over certain customers. Since this is the *first time* I've had a reservation auto-cancelled in 10 years of flying Southwest, it looks like they don't have a problem with it except for extreme cases (overlapping flight in my case). Last year, I even had a phone agent schedule multiple flights from different airports while driving out of Florida prior to a hurricane in case I couldn't make it to the first one due to the heavy traffic, they were unbelievably helpful.
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