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Naughty BA ? - When is a cancellation not a cancellation/downgrade

Hi all, a quick bit of advice would be appreciated. I'm booked to travel to TLV in First on 6th October on the 16:45 departure, and a few days ago I got the ping of an email and a text message to say the flight had been cancelled and I'd been re-booked onto the morning TLV flight in First. I'd assumed that this was a 787 replacement issue given it was so far ahead, and I've had a few of y SJC's cancelled so was kinda conditioned into thinking that.

Anyway, I thought I'd have a look before calling BA at the timings of the other flights, and was shocked to see the 16:45 departure still for sale - so I called up and asked them if on my booking the outbound was cancelled. The operator told me it was showing as cancelled, I then asked them to look to see if the flight was actually running, and they confirmed it was.

It seems the flight wasn't cancelled at all, but swapped from a 4 to a 3 class 777. So here is where my questions begin

1) Do I give BA the benefit of the doubt, as the flight isn't cancelled, and it could appear they were trying to get out of paying appropriate compensation for what should have been an involuntary downgrade - or do you think this is just incompetence, anyone had this before ?
2) I can't make the earlier flight they have moved me to in F, and they've now told me there isn't any Club seating left on the three-class 777 that's replaced my four-class 777, so all they could offer me on that now is WT+ (so a double downgrade) - if I accept that, is that then a 'voluntary' downgrade, as they are offering me first on another flight.
3) If a double-downgrade does that change compensation, as I've rolled all the way from a First product, through Business and down to an Economy product (which I'm actually shocked they would allow to happen).

Ironically, had they have just downgraded me (and not pretend the flight was cancelled) they would have got me a seat in business as a colleague of mine managed to book one to travel with me after that cancellation txt that I got it turns out, so this seems to be a fine mess that BA has got itself into.

Would really welcome any thoughts from the wisdom of the group

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