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Originally Posted by nrw24 View Post
I have a very similar case I want to pursue via MCOL (BA customer relations has refused compensation) and I want to look into the aircraft assignment for the flight that was cancelled. When I requested this, BA declined to provide that info. Is there a way after the fact to see what aircraft was assigned for a particular flight? I've used BAsource to get other info. It was the BA69 on 27/8 so it was a 787-900, but the flight wasn't cancelled until 21/8 and the two birds that went in for maintenance (G-ZBKI and G-ZBKD) did so 4 and 5 days before that respectively and BA admit in their email that this was done to rescheduling of various flights (but still saying that direct cause is the engine-related extraordinary circumstances), so I'm trying to look into whether one of those two was actually assigned or if the aircraft assigned flew another route that day. I am thinking that they might not have taken reasonable measures here given the delay in cancelling the flight and because this was quite probably down to fleet management. (They also tried to argue with me that the burden of proof to show that it was extraordinary circumstances was on them and kept insisting it was mine—humph!). Any other advice much welcomed! I am also considering contact Bott & Co.
I used the information from the following:
British Airways Jet Tracker
My CEDR decision was due on Aug 25th but as with anything dealing with BA, it's late. BA did pay the Article 9 compensation last month, but I'm still waiting the decision on the Article 7 and 8 comp.
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