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Personally I think it is very much up for challenge. BA simply don't have enough aircraft to run the schedule, and the 787 is a long term issue. It would be an even stronger argument if it was LHR-EWR, but on the basis that there is presumably no LHR-EWR service either then personally I don't think BA have a strong case. They do have some legal backing for their argument, but my view would be that those court cases would relate to an immediate grounding of a large fleet for immediate safety works, rather than the situation BA is in. Now because BA do have some basis for refusing your claim, if you were UK based I would be looking at MCOL rather than CEDR. Assuming, of course, the replacement service is outside the timeframes explained at the top of the thread.

Unfortunately despite all those affected by this long running saga, not one single FTer has been prepared to take this all the way through MCOL and then explain what happened here.
Thanks for your reply. I am UK based. If I were to go down the MCOL route, what would be my basis for the claim; just claiming for the €600 that I feel I'm entitled to? As I am staying with family, there is no accommodation cost; as a teacher, school doesn't start until Monday (so loss of time isn't an issue) So there wasn't really a financial impact on me. I decided to take the next day BA188 from EWR as I am staying close to the airport. They replaced the flight with a 772. Could the fact I wanted the flight the next day cause a problem for my case? There are only 2 flights to LHR from EWR. 188 is the 9:35pm flight.

Cheers in advance

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