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Originally Posted by LesPaul30 View Post
We are supposedly #1 and #2 on the list but just heard today from the GS desk of a rev Y Gs comes in with a gpu youíre trumped. Were XN waiting for PN Iím 2 gpus.
Slightly worse than that; you'd be behind any revenue passenger upgrading using a GS instrument (or GS miles). Flying XN, you have the lowest priority among GS instruments. (Then again: if you were a 1K, you couldn't upgrade economy award tickets with a GPU, so...)

Inventory on your flight is J9 C2 D0. That's a strong indication that UA believes it can sell the rest of the business inventory. It makes some sense, too; you're likely to get slightly more business travel than average that week, because some percentage of trips that otherwise would have been the previous week will get pushed back due to the holiday.

Also, I'm afraid you're committing a classic blunder. (Not quite as bad as getting involved in a land war in Asia, or going in against a Sicilian when death is on the line, but...) The seat map isn't a reliable indicator of load. Your flight's status page indicates that 50 seats are currently booked (look at the upgrade tab).
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