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Parent of three kids under the age of six, but not sure if that makes us "truly parents" or not, but we do fly a fair amount with the kids, and I would be on a negative comment side.

In the real world, I suspect United in the vast, vast majority of cases would accommodate the family here, but the family paid the lowest price they could pay, with relatively clear messaging that they could not pick seats. It is not like it was hidden from them.

The headline "United Splitting up Families" could be "Mother cares so little about her children that she sits them next to strangers to save a few dollars". Now, both of those headlines would be stupid, but the latter is actually more accurate than the former. United didn't split them up. They were never seated together.

In a better world, United wouldn't sell BE to people with kids under some specific age (that would undoubtedly piss off some people because that age would be wrong for some family's situation and kid).

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