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Originally Posted by o2bmmw View Post
Can BA require us to re-route into JFK? If so, would they provide compensation to get back to EWR or would we be on our own (for those who don't fly there, those 2 airports are 35-40 miles apart, depending upon the route, but can take 2 hours to get to depending on the time of day).
You can insist on a EWR service, however if there is no service, or it is full, you would have to wait until an available date for the departure. In advance the Contact Centre can only put you on oneworld services, so I guess they could re-route you to EWR via Chicago or Miami but that reeks of desperation. In advance they will tell you that if you accept JFK instead then the onward cost is at your expense, however under EC261 this isn't actually true, and in any event BA actually does pay out for the transfer cost. However they would expect you to do it via public transport, the taxi limit is 50. Hopefully it won't come to this, either your flight stays in place or there is an alternative BA service which works for you. The alternative, if you didn't ring the Contact Centre or check BA.com in advance is that the airport staff could route you on other airlines, but if it is a busy day then it would be "best endeavours" so I wouldn't recommend this.
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