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I just got a 100K bonus offer for upgrading from regular SPG Amex to Luxury if I spend $5000 USD in next 3 months. I took it. Although I deeply dislike the devaluation of the spending, I will still use this card. Amex some years has given me good retention bonuses (this year I think was 10,000 points for spending 10k USD or 15K spend or something like that). Last year gave me something like 15k points for spending $15k USD around September.

I am not sure if these offers are available to all members, but I have spent a fair amount on this card for a decade +, so I think the bonuses more than make up for the lost earning... as long as they keep offering these types of bonuses. I will test for a year or two

The other benefit a lot of people don't talk about is the discount coupon offers - I got $100 off a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes I bought and $5 back from starbucks over summer. Those little deals add up and make up for annual fee on purchases I would have made anyway. I wish they had more and better offers and included ones outside of the US where I spend most of my time, but I probably get $50-$100 USD back annually from them.
When I called them up last week they offered me an insulting 10K points retention offer. I was so upset I canceled the card immediately.
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