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I don't know who blackjet or bluestar is, but I hate to tell you, I did my research cause you brought up valid points and I thank you for that. I took your advice, I went to their offices they have a team of people and a beautiful new offices. They also made the INC 5000 list of new and up coming businesses for growth showed me their hanger a took me around the FBO they are located in. I think you should try their product before knocking it as their membership seems to be growing. They are definitely reputable...it seems like you are a competitor to them the way your talking, at least that's the way I feel. You know too much about to many companies not to be a competitor...
Yup im a competitor. You got me. I came to this website to not promote my company. As Iím not saying. Hey try out this great company like your doing. Iím glad you went to their office. Thatís what people who fly private should do as itís your life your putting in peopleís hands. Itís not buying a pair of jeans. And thanks for saying because I know a lot I am a competitor. This entire website is flyers talking about what they know. ďExperience sharingĒ. But you got me...
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