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Originally Posted by alanslegal View Post
We have never been asked to pay the "departure fee" when we return back at BKK but then again YMMV. Technically you have to pay it if you haven't done so - how they know or how they enforce it, is another thing.
If you collect a BP at landside check-in most likely the check-in agent will notice that you are in transit and has not paid Thai dep. tax. Besides from that, the immigration officer at Thai exit immigration is supposed to check that your BP is issued at BKK (place of issue is stated on your BP with small letters) and to send you back to check-in for a new BP if your BP is issued elsewhere than BKK. Whether in fact the officer will notice it is the question and the reason that it has been reported many times in this forum that Thai dep. tax is often not collected when re-entering the transit area after having been landside at BKK on a transit ticket.
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