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Originally Posted by cmtaiwan View Post
Current approval expires August 13, 2018.

Application and fee submitted June 27, 2018.

Still pending approval... 42 days later.
Received final approval today, August 22.
No need for an additional interview.

Quick question: Will they allow me to come into an office and redo my picture and fingerprints? Half the times I returned to the US the past 5 years, I got a Big X on my form and had to speak with an officer. It had to be either the photo or prints, no?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Edit: Although I now live in Las Vegas, my approval letter was written out of the Cincinnati Enrollment Center where I signed up back in 2013.
I wonder if that is why my renewal:
A) Took so long and
B) Did not require another interview.

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