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Originally Posted by dycc View Post
I was asked by the lounge staff whether I had just arrived, and I said I had. I was then denied access to the BA lounge, saying that I had to go all the way round security and back in again, stating that this was their policy. Is this correct, as a B2B would (even though mine wasn't one), in principle, be in the same position?
I think this is incorrect too, plenty of B2B people have done this without issue. What I find really puzzling is how the agent would know? The agent sits with their back to the passenger flow, with a solid wall behind them and no line of sight. Usually the turn around is about 45 minutes or an hour, so at the same time people leave the aircraft people are arriving into the lounge for the departing service. And lovely though the NCL lounge staffers are, being blessed with ESP isn't something I had hitherto associated with them. Unless it was an extremely long lounge stay, that is......
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