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Be aware, you may not qualify for the 50/75 night benefit if you do not cross the threshold with a stay. The SPG Lurkers have told us that having more than 50/75 nights before the merger of the programs or by virtue of combining accounts would not qualify. Logistically it makes sense. Otherwise, way not give SNAs to anyone with more the 50/75 nights?
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Was this stated anywhere? To me it seems that since the benefit is awarded with 50/75 nights that anyone with 50/75 nights should be eligible, no?
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Where has this been stated? It makes absolutely no sense and, quite frankly, there is little reason to trust anything supposedly put out by the Lurkers at this point.
IIRC, this was discussed at length in Official announcement See how our three loyalty programs will become one in August

I believe FAQ A15 in the wiki may be source of the concerns on this point:
A15. Will members receive new Suite Night Awards in August when the programs are combined?
No, we will continue to honor existing Suite Night Awards until expiration dates and they can be used at participating Marriott Rewards and SPG brands and properties. <added by Starwood Lurker 30Apr2018>
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