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Originally Posted by bdh View Post

I've only flown these premium transcon routes a handful of times since status matching from DL earlier this year, but this is already the second flight I've been on where the flight crew didn't know this policy. Does this happen to others, or did I just get unlucky?
You will find that United crew tend to make up rules based on their whim and the only consistency is that there is a lot of inconsistency. The fault lies with management providing poor training and communication, particularly when it comes to "new" benefits prescribed for passengers. It often takes quite awhile before such benefits make their way through the system and are uniformly applied.

The consensus in this thread has been that E+ passengers on premium transcons are entitled to more than one alcoholic beverage. But one could see why flight attendants might confuse that with the one drink restriction for 1Ks. In theory it is not confusing as it is two different situations. But again, bad training and communication by management.

If a benefit is announced but nobody on staff provides it then does it really exist?
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