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Originally Posted by jrey View Post

I presented it from my experience. When I asked them to upgrade, they said no they couldn't do. They could however cancel and reissue.

So that could be the wording they passed on to the lurker.


It's absolutely astounding that individuals, who would otherwise be patently aware that an agent's knowledge is in most cases less than a FTers', are accepting and posting what random agents are saying about the coming transition. In some cases even trusting random agents to a Lurker who is presenting information that has been precleared by the MR team in charge. Do I believe that all pronouncements are the final word or that the purported T&Cs are final... hopefully not. But to go around and claiming they are wrong because of gut feelings and beliefs etc is madness.

There is so little rationale for all the kvetching and griping and demanding in here it's absurd. It reminds me of children in an elementary playground making up rules for a game.

Good luck to all, see you on the other side.
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