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Originally Posted by RedSun View Post
I think the sensible way to handle the legacy TPs is to keep the TPs in face value. If they are attached, then get whatever value you deserve. For un-attached, Cat 1-5 TPs should retain 25,000 MRs/night value. Cat-8 retains 40,000 MRs/night value. We can downgrade or upgrade from the base value. If you want to upgrade the 25,000/night TP to new Cat-7 at 60,000/night, you'll need 35,000/night more points. The TPs retain the original expiration dates. After 9/18, we can use those TPs to book all Marriott/SPG properties.

This way, everyone is kept whole. And Marriott would not need to deal with any mapping to new categories. We'll see what happens. Marriott has a month to figure this out.
Nope, there is no modification of TPs after 8/18. See below.

Originally Posted by Starwood Lurker IV View Post
After 8/18, certificates cannot be upgraded or downgraded, regardless of when they were purchased.

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