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Originally Posted by kenban View Post
My guess is certificates just become 7 night certificates worth x point a night. It is the cleanest and likely easiest approach. Do not even attempt to do any category mapping. A cat 1-5 certificate becomes 7 nights at 25k points a night, cat 6 is 30k etc. Any upgrades and downgrades just continue to be 30k points per a step the same as it is right now and they handle any mismatches at the time of booking.
Almost there! Except the new chart will go into effect on August 18th and the steps between the new catagories are not consistent, but rightly so as the value of the properties, in points, is commensurate to the respective new category steps.

We know that certificates will not be converted to points, as I predicted, so worth and value of the certificate is moot in this regard. However, we have been advised that after the dormancy, which I predicted, you can still surrender the certificate for a "reduced amount" which also clearly establishes that Marriott had no intention of being "generous" and returning full points unrestricted, as I predicted.

Based on a, "worth" of 45K + 30K for each old category upgrade. I would estimate this is what the surrender points will be, possibly a few more in good faith but considering New TPs may have no residual "worth," that may be unlikely too.

I believe that Marriott still has not finalized how they will handle the unattached certificates and are not withholding information nefariously. The chatter was growing with respect to TP's and starting to get a little noisy. Since TPs are pretty low on their priority list and head of loyalty said prior that cancelling all unattached certificates was a real possibility, it made sense to advise they can be attached, will get similar value, can be surrendered for reduced points, and will be subject to the new chart and then let them go dormant while more pressing issues are dealt with.

Old Category number will NOT map to New Category number as they are not similar in value, again as I predicted. I doubt there will even be a conversion with the certificate laying dormant until the holder calls in to attach it. At that point you will select a hotel based on the point value of your certificate with no upgraded or downgrades permitted. An old Category 1-5 will be a New Cat 1-4, Old 7, New 5, for 6, 8, 9 an easy alignment could be as follows keeping in mind the new charts:

Old Cat 6: New Cat 4, refund 30K or New Cat 5 +30K additional
Old Cat 8: New Cat 5, refund 30K or New Cat 6 +60K
Old Cat 9, New Cat 5, refund 60K or New Cat 6 +30K additional.

If you want 7 nights in a New Category 7 your unattached certificate will need to have a value of 360K.


Everyone Happy, I know I am! Cheers.

Edit: Inadvertently specified 300K for Cat 7, should be 360K

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