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Question Someone’s been sleeping in my bed

Just thought I was ask. I have stayed in many abnbs all over the world and have had many a varied experiences. But the ones I have liked the least are the rooms that are obviously slept in by the owners and are converted (or not) for the stay. For example the most recent stay in LA was a two room apartment. When I arrived, the access code had not been sent, so I was messaging the host from the security gate ( that’s not that big a problem, unless it’s raining, had to wait in the past)
Host responded,” I’ll bring the keys down in a few minutes. “
15 minutes later she appears, up we go and it was apologies about her sick child.
So the room is as described with all the ammenities, but the wardrobe is full of their stuff ( as is the private bathroom) the sick child’s play equipment is covered by a blanket in one corner of the room. The private bathroom had two doors and one was taped up with a sign “do not use”. As it was a two bed apartment, I assumed the owner used a bucket during our stay
How do you tell if you’re getting one of these stays? How do feel about stays like this?
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