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Originally Posted by jrey View Post
This is what happened to me. I purchased a 5-night package with 120 miles to AS for 235K points. The miles didn't post after a week so I called. The called was transferred at least 2 times and I had spoken to maybe 3-4 reps and was eventually told that I wasn't supposed to get the 5N TP so the original rep who sold the TP to me did not process correctly. So they had to reorder the (5N) TP for me. What they did was they gave me back 190K points and then deducted another 235K points from my account. So at this point I had 2 cat 1-5 certificates since they did not cancel the previous one. So total I had spent 235K+235K-190K=280K points and got two 5N cat 1-5 certificates and 120K AS miles. The call was maybe longer than 2 hours. What interesting was, at that time I had a 5N reservation at a cat 8 property which will be in the new cat 6 property after August 18 with no certificate attached and I also had a 5N cat 6 certificate available. I was planing to upgrade it later. What happened that day was, after I hung up and checked back on my account online, my cat 6 certificate disappeared from my account and the cat 8 reservation has a certificate attached. I called later and asked them to verify and yes my cat 6 certificate was attached to the reservation. One of the reps involved in the previous call did it but never told me about it. I am not sure what will happen at the check in time.
Sounds like a very messy audit trail should things turned out not right, i.e. at check in the property raises question on the cert that does not contain enough pts for the property that is for...
For those who prefer to push the edge of the envelope that may be a risk worth taking. For me being chicken little I dont want to be at the check in and being told, "hmmm. something does not seem right.." especially if this is at an international location where the management may not be accommodating or due to time zone difference, not able to sort this out with the reward program in US...
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