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Originally Posted by HWN33 View Post
I recently completed a 6 night stay at this property with my wife and son. One consideration for this stay was the availability for my 12 year old son to join us in the lounge as indicated by previous posters. For added peace of mind, I checked with the hotel at the time of the reservation that this would be the case. Here is their email in response to my clarification request:

Dear Mr. xxx

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, your son can use a free access to the club lounge.
But you are requested to be accompanied by a guardian.
Thank you.
The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo

Reservation Dept. Ms. XXX

However, when I received the check-in email the day before, they indicated that there now would be a charge for my son as there was a new policy in place as of August 1. After a referral back to the email above, they reverted back to their original position in this email:


After careful consideration with our manager,

we decided that your son is allowed to access the Executive lounge for free this time only.

We ask you to understand and comply with the new regulation of Marriott membership benefits from next time.

For your information, please refer the Marriott website as below,


While I was appreciative of this, I was a bit confused as I don't understand why I would have been subject to a change of policy after they had confirmed something else. Is this a risk that I take when I make a reservation? I had the exact same situation arise the week before at the Courtyard Marriott Taipei - they informed me upon arrival that their lounge policy had changed at the beginning of August.

We enjoyed our stay at this property and found the location to be very good (close to the Shinagawa station). I was not offered any upgrade at this property (MR platinum) nor received any explanation of amenities available to us. I knew of them primarily through this forum.
Ugh. Planning a visit to Tokyo for June and after lots of research, I went with Sakura because Gallery seemed pretty unfriendly regarding kids. Also have a second room with my parents. I sense more research in my future...
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