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Originally Posted by sinfonia View Post
So in all, I have purchased 4 TPs (which is a little ridiculous for me, but I am a sucker for the deal), and I have attached every one to a reservation . . .

And then tonight, I felt a little bit like a gambler and decided to purchase a cat 1-5 and leave it unattached. I called in and gave the agent my American mileage number, but at the last second, asked if it was too late to do United instead. She said it was not too late and so I provided my United number.

Now, I see in my account that one TP was ordered, then the hotel portion of it was credited back (45K), then another TP was ordered. So, basically, it now looks as if I have purchased TWO, but turned in the hotel portion of one. This is definitely not what I asked for.

I have been on the phone for awhile with another agent trying to rectify this, and she is on hold for a supervisor somewhere else who says that the people to fix this are not in until tomorrow.

Has anyone had this same experience and if so, any suggestion as to the best person to contact to fix this or the easiest way to go about reversing it? I am uncomfortable having now 540K (well, 495) removed from my account over this mistake.

This seems like an error. Many CSRs are not trained on TPs, so errors are somewhat common, even before the merger. Whatever solution Marriott comes up on 8/18 for the TPs, it'd better be simple, or else we could see error rates skyrocket.
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