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Originally Posted by wise2u View Post
and now for the latest MR agent confusion...I have a MR agent talking with supervisor about the in house memos and Q&A's...take this for what you want, but she tells me that I should just keep my cat6 instead of upgrading, because post merger cat 6 will be bookable with current cat 6 certs.....after 30 minutes of chatting, researching, talking with supervisor she still interpreted it that way. I said if i had something in writing from a company rep that i could make a case with, in case that was not the case, and I should have upgraded to cat 8...she tried to find one. a supervisor helped her find something that according to her had the same gist, just not the exact verbage to confirm...and that supervisor said it was for in house agent help and not for public release....this would be a very generous solution from MR, but I'm thinking in my head why the 1 month delay...I said I felt safer to upgrade to a lvl 8 in case it took that to get the stay at the lvl8 hotels that will drop to lvl6 post merger, she said I could book the new cat 6 hotel with my lvl 8 cert but would not get refunded any points (so no downgrades) she was trying to save me some points..I used my last 540K to get 2 low end pkgs and stock up on airmiles,...which is the real value for the packages (even after southwest stopped allowing them for CP)....I doubt she had all the info, probably misinterpreted some of what she did have, but if by any chance she is right, everyone but the top tier cert holders that have to scramble for the limited availability post 9/18, should be very happy.
While Id be hugely surprised, for what its worth, I was told similar thing yesterday.
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