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Originally Posted by fairhsa View Post
OK - would like some advice. I'm diamond with Cathay and currently have 1245 Tier Credits. My year ends 31 October. I have firm plans for flights totalling 340 Tier Credits before 31 October leaving me 15 short of the Bookable Upgrade 1600. I achieved 1600 two years ago, and did manage to eventually use the upgrades, but found it very hard and the value of them not as high as I had imagined. I could easily go on a status run for those 15 if needed.

For my holidays after 31 October, two major trips are already booked - one is using points on BA; the other on another airline entirely. I usually two 3 major trips per annum, meaning only 1 out of the 3 will nett me any TC next year. My business trips are typically to Manila, I estimate that on my normal pattern of travel I will get around 700 TC from them next year. By my estimate, that means I can easily get to around 900TC, but the final 300 might be tough. So am considering renewing now, to nett the extra from the next few weeks, which are planned to be quite intense.

My question is - am I missing anything in this analysis? I am losing 2.5 months of certain Diamond in the hope of renewing. My travel plans may be quite different next year. Any insights appreciated. Probably need to decide tomorrow.....
I am currently sitting at 1,205 Club Points, but my membership year does not end until 31.Jan. I do not intend to early reset, as that would effectively shorten my Diamond status by almost 6 months. I will not put my MPC number on my upcoming flights for the rest of this year (estimate another 500 CP minimum), and will just retroactively claim on 01.Feb and apply the CP to the new membership year. I am still sitting on last year's 4 bookable upgrades (must use by 31.Jan), and intend to apply them to flights next year. I do not need the bookable upgrades from this year's membership year because I will probably burn a lot of points next year to take F on a few flights.

If I were you, I would not early reset your membership, but just retroactively claim and credit the flights to next membership year (if you do not find any value in hitting 1,600 CP).
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