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Originally Posted by damaxer91 View Post
I am here now and very much agree with your sentiment. We love the hard product and agree about the F&B staff (Chef is wonderful) but pretty much everything else here is a bloody mess. I'm glad to see this post and know we aren't the only ones who feel this way....
  • We had sent an email in advance of the stay reminding them of some requests (nothing out of the ordinary). Pretty much all of them were completely ignored. They did rectify them pretty quickly once I reminded them though.
  • Most of the staff here is indifferent, if not rude. They seem to want to be elsewhere and make it quite clear. I understand the necessity of hiring locals, but it shouldn't be this way even if its a cultural thing.
  • Pool service consists of a "server" who makes it clear that he's just there to take lunch orders. He never offered water or anything else and got annoyed when we asked if he could help move an umbrella.
  • Turndown service literally just means your sheets are turned down and a gift placed in the middle of the bed. They wont as much as move something from the bed or even clean the room slightly. Even a Champagne Bucket with melted ice wasn't removed. Housekeeping during the day cleans the way you'd expect at a Holiday Inn Express on I-95.
  • Other than by the Executive Chef, we have not been addressed by name once. Even more bothersome if being constantly asked by security at the entrance if we are guests. Spa and beach attendants have no clue either.
  • Beach SERVICE consists of being handed a semi-cold bottle of water and nothing else. If you ask for menus you receive them but if you want to order something you need to shout across the beach to the attendants or go to the towel station to place the order.
  • Waited a half hour for a car to drive us from Spa back to the Island and nobody was willing to apologize or take blame.
  • Do not disturb sign in private sauna rooms at spa is constantly ignored by cleaning staff. They walk in without even a knock.
  • We were dropped off at boat dock without any instructions as to where Queens Beach was. The Security Guard just motioned in the general direction with his finger when we asked him how to get there.
Oh and the Wasps and Bees are EVERYWHERE. No respite from them whatsoever in any area where there is food or drink.

Overall, I'd have to say that its certainly been our most disappointing Aman stay and we'd even consider leaving if there was another good option nearby....
Geez. At least you both have each other as ammunition that these problems are endemic and not incidental. Something is rotten in the state of Montenegro.

I recommend insisting on speaking with the GM NOW. If the GM doesn't speak with you, offer you appropriate service recovery (a night's refund again?) and affect immediate changes for the better, then you should contact Aman corporate.

Who is the unimpressive GM at this Aman?
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