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Originally Posted by GetSetJetSet View Post
Very little empathy and nothing changed after complaints. After this three day long comedy of errors, they misspelled my gf's name on her luggage tag (how hard is it to copy from a passport?). It was a perfect, hilarious end to a very regrettable stay.
I'm surprised you lasted the full 3 days. I think I'd have gone after the pubes. Gross. They got their payment upfront too, right?

That is absolutely unacceptable. I've said it before: the new Aman regime doesn't always seem cognizant of what constitutes luxury level service and especially service RECOVERY. That used to be an Aman hallmark.
The King of Aircon is right! Definitely don't let the property or brand get away with such heinous service failures. I don't know how hot it was there but no Aircon is this heat wave of a summer should be a crime.

The wasps infestation is just a disaster and lawsuit waiting to happen if a guest gets stung and is deadly allergic. Not to mention wasp stings are not pretty things to happen on a very expensive trip. They're giant, painful and itchy red blobs.

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