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Wow. Just wow. I'm so sorry you had to experience that. I would have left early...and made them refund my stay. No air con? I've had luxury hotels move me and refund my nights for that ridiculous miscue alone.

I'd contact Aman corporate and ask for a refund of at least half your nights--if not your entire stay. Your innumerable examples of both things gone awry and things not remotely addressed/rectified by property management represents a clear and present danger to the Aman brand. That is NOT what you paid for. Aman clerarly didn't deliver by any standard. Your details show a complete disregard for your treatment by Aman. That is absolutely unacceptable. I've said it before: the new Aman regime doesn't always seem cognizant of what constitutes luxury level service and especially service RECOVERY. That used to be an Aman hallmark.

Don't enable Aman with your poor treatment; please contact Aman corporate and make them make good on this abject failure. They owe you a significant refund.

Your report means I won't ever bother to go there until I know (1) they refunded your stay or a good proportion thereof, (2) they permanently rectified the wasp problem, and (3) there is a new GM/leadership team in place.
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