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Had an absolutely HORRIBLE stay at Aman Sveti Stefan

I was shocked because I see nothing but glowing reviews on here. I don't know if the glowing reviews are people not wanting to disagree with the popular opinion, emperor's new clothes style, or if this was really an anomaly. I will say that the room (#45 was lovely) and all the staff in the bars/restaurants made an effort. The front desk, management and house keeping however, were horrible. I can go into more detail if needed, but a basic list of complaints:

Day 1
- Car dropped us in front, porters took bags as we walked to the island. Luggage piece was was left in a puddle all clothing soaked. No apology even.
- After check in, pile of pubes found in room 45 bathroom. Asked for maids, they cleaned but no apology.
- On check in, blinking error light on aircon. AirCon broken, guy came to verify it was broken but it was never fixed during entire stay.
- Passport taken not returned and never returned until we went to hassle them 12 hours later since they forgot they had it.
- My gf stepped on broken glass in the main pool on the island. The shard was on the bottom of the pool.
- In the Gym, all TV's broken on cardio equipment. Never fixed during our stay
- Was out of room 6-10pm, didn't do turndown until we got back, came into room then to inconvenience us.
- Left dirty clothes on the ground. House keeping never put them away, left them sitting in a pile for 3 days. I left them there just to see if they'd ever clean them up.
- Tried to close drain in the tub, bathtub drain fell off, and shower head leaked and wouldn't fully turn off.
- No one manning the spa desk to make appointments, couldn't find anyone to direct us to fitness from boat dock. They seemed perplexed we asked where fitness was, as if they didn't know there was a gym.

Day 2
- We asked for extra water day 1, when they finally cleaned, housekeeping inexplicably took away the extra waters.
- AirCon still not fixed
- Clothes still not picked up
- Cardio TV's still broken
- At lunch we learned of wasp infestation at all restaurants and food was terrible at the piazza restaurant. They had to burn coffee grounds to TRY to keep the wasps at bay, but it didn't work and they were relentless.
- Everything very slippery and dangerous, water sitting for days never mopped up.
- Turndown again not done while we were away. Waited until we returned late at night and we had to go elsewhere and wait while they "cleaned"

Day 3
- Wasp infested dinner, waiter admitted the entire island is infested, no disclosure and they haven't rectified the problem. He said in previous years they had to move breakfast from the terrace because of the wasps, but now the entire island is infested, both restaurants and they can't find the hives and eradicate them. This was VERY unpleasant, as there were swarms of wasps and no table was safe. Bad, overpriced food is one thing, bad, overpriced food with a side of wasps is another.

- Overcrowding everywhere due to selling day passes and letting outsiders use the restaurant. Often no spots available at all by the pool since there were so many people around. Outside guests letting their children run around the Milocer side pool naked or in dirty diapers. Far cry from the peace and solitude of other Aman properties.

This was so far below the standard of the Aman group that I was shocked. Honestly, the service was below the level we received at the Hilton in Podgorica. It's a lovely setting, but the management and service is abysmal. This was a lovely room on a lovely island with 3 star service and an unforgivable wasp infestation. Based on this stay, I would never return and I would (and have already) cautioned others not to waste their time and $ on this property. Curious to hear if anyone else has been this month.
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