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Originally Posted by bocastephen View Post
How is Delta's program anywhere near UA MP? It takes 300,000 miles to fly from Des Moines to Buffalo in coach. I can usually find discount award seats on UA or a partner whenever I need one with some minor flexibility. TPAC upgrades are reasonable to get with some advanced planning and flexibility.

I know exactly how many miles to expect on UA or a partner, it's not that hard to figure out.

Now is you suggested Delta has a superior product, better inflight service and more polished and professional employees, then I completely agree.
I did not say DL is a better program overall. I said it has its advantages.

One of the biggest advantages is the fact you know exactly how many miles you will earn on a trip with codeshare flights. You DO NOT know this information in UA's program. There is no published chart between *A carriers with fare class mapping. A "T" fare on a UA-coded, TG-operated flight earns what? It's anyone's guess. MP can't even answer that question. You proposed it's easy to figure out. Please tell us then. Do you have a chart? (I'm using UA/TG as an example but my point is made I think). Booking codeshares in *A is a bad idea if you want to earn miles or at least know what you will earn. Therefore, DL's program is far better in this regard because marketing carrier is all that matters. My point in the earlier post remains the same.

And your comment about 300K miles is sort of tongue-in-cheek but there are definitely examples of ridiculously high domestic award tickets on DL. We all know United is moving that way as well. While they may put caps on award tickets, UA will be in the same boat in the next year or two. It's already started with "dynamic award pricing" on UA routes. Though there are no reports of 300K just yet. And they are also rare on DL.

Bottom line...each program has its benefits.

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