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While there is a Fast Track security screening at T4 main, I don't recall there being any Fast Track option at the Spanish Border Control desks in T4S after you've got off the transit, but c-w-s has probably been more recently than me.

It just seemed to be a massive Tensabarriered maze, one side for European Travel Area, one for not. Having waited several minutes in the European side, and it not moving very quickly, suddenly more Spanish Border Police arrived, they didn't open up any more kiosks, they just started hauling people from the front of the queue "Triage-style", performing a manual document check and based on that either letting you through or directing you to wait for a kiosk for "further inspection".

I'd say it took me about 7-10 minutes from transit to getting airside in T4S on that occasion - because I only got a manual document check. If I had needed to wait for a check at a kiosk, I can imagine it taking much longer.

I can't say for certain how busy this will be in the evening, I was travelling through during the peak mid-morning departure bank. When I've departed MAD in the evening it's mostly been on LCY or IB-operated flights which have gone from the non-Schengen bit of the T4 main building, which doesn't have this problem.

Other thing to watch out for is that last year, when the 777 flight was operating around the middle of the day, it was usual for it to be on a remote, so bussing was involved. I don't know if that has changed to a stand with a jetway for the later departure time.

As c-w-s says 60 mins is fine for a departure from T4 main - even less if HBO - but from T4S I'd allow at least a further 15 minutes. Sometimes even the transits seem to have big gaps in between.

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