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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
Yes, it started last year - see this thread:
Emigration control delays from some European airports

and in the case of Madrid, assuming Fast Track I'm not sure one needs to worry too unduly. Leaving it until 60 minutes before departure may not be a good idea, though 90 minutes seems a bit over the top if you know how MAD works.

For the 777 I think a lot of the previous threads are in the Flub area, in other words how to get into the First cabin - and to save you searching, there isn't a sure-fast way of doing this. Some have managed it via MMB, others at the airport but it can't be taken for granted. Otherwise the best seats are usually the last window seat in any given cabin block, though I suspect aisle access is not much of an issue on such a short flight.
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