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Even cheaper would be to take bus 200E to Kőbánya-Kispest where you can transfer to the metro replacement bus, but this may not qualify as 'best'. This trip would be included in a daily travelcard should you decide to get one.
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BTW, for those who get the transit pass, Budapest has second oldest subway in Europe (oldest on the continent), and a ride on the old section is WAY cool IMHO (I am a rail enthusiast, so I may be biased ).

It's short, only a few stops and barely below ground, not like today's lines that are way below ground. Moreover the stops are so close together that you may think why bother, but it's just fun. Worth a trip even if you don't get the day pass.
I agree with EmailKid that riding the old subway rolling stock is interesting. It's easy to buy the right ticket (one that includes the bus-to-rail transfer) from the staffed transit desk at the airport.

Reasons not to do this:
  • It's very hot. (Subway is not air-conditioned.)
  • You have a lot of unwieldy luggage or have mobility issues. (IIRC, you have to climb a flight of stairs at Kőbánya-Kispest to get to the rail platform.)
  • Somebody else is paying.
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