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Lots, I mean lots of opportunity, but those Staples GMC are a pain. You have to register them and then register them to Masterpass and then MS through Plastiq. I do it, but the free points by just using your regular CC is so easy. I know you get 5x points on the gift card, but one entry repating 5x weekly on plastiq is the same amount of points and much easier. You have about 5 weeks left, so just put up as many as you can each day. My only limitiation is my CC limits. The issuer always let me go over my CL but now that I have such high balances on all there cards, they are enforcing the limits. I have to pay quicker.
My question is more to how one maximizes given the limited uses of Plastiq. For example, I have 3k rent, but I have no mortgage, no car payments, no student loans. So I'm not sure how to make good use of it aside from prepaying a month of rent (in which case I would need to float the 3k). Maybe PM if there is any insight you would prefer to discuss privately.
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