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Just completed two stays of 2 days each at this property. Plus gifted one stay of 2 days to a friend. All on points.

In all 3 rooms, the room safe was not functional (key in 4th number and get 'err' -- probably low battery condition). For the first stay, I called down and was told to wait for an engineer. I waited for a few minutes before deciding my time was more valuable than his and returned to reception where I was allocated a different room. For the second stay I immediately returned downstairs to get a new room.

The first stay, the A/C went out on a very hot day, resulting in an unpleasant night. The next day I still wasn't sure whether the A/C was working and so an engineer came up. He said the air filter and coil needed cleaning. He cleaned both and emerged from the compartment covered in dust -- which I was probably breathing in all night. The hotel proactively credited me 5000 points, which I suppose is to their credit. Then again, after 5-6 days my stay still has not posted -- which in my experience means it never will post without me having to chase it down.

The second stay, I got moved to a room near both the elevator and a service area, which made the room a little nosier than I would have liked.

The rooms are charming. However in this renovated property, the switches and plugs are still *ancient*. There are no international plugs, the HVAC is operated by two old-fashioned knobs set in a tarnished brass plate with faded markings, and the switches and lights are a bewildering mess to operate.

The lounge was OK but the entrance is not staffed, leading to what are probably abuses, e.g. one person buzzes in and a gaggle pours through. Breakfast is offered in the restaurant or lounge and was enjoyable.

I'm on the fence about whether I'd stay again, or try somewhere else next time. I appreciated the last-0minute availability of rooms for redemption stays, and the charm of the place... but there were just too many little rookie mistakes and issues with the physical plant.
Yes, that's exactly how we all feel after staying there for 7 nights. It was a lot of things that added up (and wasted our vacation time) on dealing with them.

1. Why does it take the hotel DAYS to get the kids Channel to work after 7pm? It was still NOT solved after 7 nights.

2. If towel rack wasn't working, just simply give me a different room instead of telling me it would be fixed after hours of engineering coming it during the night to TRY to fix it. It was just a lot of hours wasted on waiting and waiting and waiting.

3. How hard it was to get us 1 room out of 2 with a bathtub to give my 1 and 3 old a bath? It was HELL for 1 adult to hold the 1y old down in the tiny little shower and me trying to shower him. We wasted hours again on this matter with the hotel front desk

Over all, as 1 plat and 3 gold Marriott members between 2 rooms, we just felt it was one of the worst hotel experience we have ever had. We had stayed at Four seasons Bora Bora, Fairmont in Hawaii, Shangrila in Vancouver and many other more properties around $800 usd/night range but they were all much better than London Park Lane.
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