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Meal cards

Originally Posted by dhuey View Post
Sorry if this was covered in another thread (mod, please move if so), but I had a pleasant surprise in coach yesterday on a SEA-SFO flight: free food and booze in coach for everyone. The FAs never announced it, and they seemed to be deliberately coy about it. My guess is that something went wrong with their onboard payment system.

This was on a Virgin America A320, still wearing VX paint. There were a couple of other oddities. The gate announcement board warned that there would be no wifi on the plane, but the wifi was working properly. Also odd was that the Alaska app. was unable to show the food offerings for the flight, and there were no cards in the seat pockets indicating food/drink options. They had the typical 2-hour flight snack offerings. I got some free chips, but I could have been greedy and gotten the fruit/cheese box for free.

Maybe everything about this was a one-off thing, but perhaps others here have had a similar experience. I suspect the fact that this was previously a VX plane played a big role.

I should note that the flight was on-time, and there was no goodwill reason for AS to offer free stuff.

No meal cards until Red is turned off later this year as you have them there for choices
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