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ok..not trying to be snarky, but what is the allure of the 7 day packages? I get it's good value, but where are people going that they would want to stay at the same location for 7 nights? I can't see this as option to say Europe. Too much to see over multiple countries to want to stay in one location for 7 nights. Hawaii maybe?
We have 2 young children 1 and 3 so the 7 night packages have been our go to when we want to redeem our Marriott pt. We have done 7 nights on Mauna Kea Beach hotel cat 9 on Big Island, Marriott Osaka Miyako in Japan cat 7 back then and London Park Lane Marriott. Next year, we will be doing 7 nights at Ritz Kyoto Japan, 7 nights at JW Marriott Van Canada (yes, this is our 3rd time in Van) and 5 nights at Dolphin Disney world Florida.

We find 7 nights just enough for us since first day and last day is just chilling/packing/unpacking especially with two kids. We enjoyed the pool every night at Park Lane London and loved everyday at the beach at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel!

I honestly don't understand why ppl can't stay at the same hotel for 7 nights. My parents who are healthy and in their 60s and always travel with us and find 7 nights is just enough!
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