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We are in Helsinki for two days in November with a reservation at the Hotel St George (which seems to be centrally loacated) and tickets for a hockey game at Hartwall Arena. Some transportation questions for the locals:

1 - What are the best transportation options to the St George from HEL, which I understand is in Vantaa about 20km away.
I would say either the train or Finnair-bus. Both will terminate at the main railway station, which is few blocks away from that hotel, so easily reachable by foot, although you could save few steps by jumping into tram 1, 3 or 6 and take it to the next stop ("Ylioppilastalo", next to Stockmann department store). If you take the train then you can use the same ticket also on trams (and local busses and ferry to Suomenlinna) within the time that ticket is valid (for tickets covering both Vantaa and Helsinki that is 80 minutes).

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2 - Is there bus or rail from or near the hotel to the Arena arriving before 1900 on a Thursday evening in November?
The most straightforward route would be walking (or walking and taking a tram) to the main railway station and pick a train to Pasila and then walk to Areena, once you step out of the train you should see the signs pointing towards Areena and most likely also fellow ice hockey fans heading that direction. And since all trains stop at Pasila you don't necessarily need to be picky about which one you take - or it should be a local train since for long-distance trains you cannot buy a ticket between Helsinki (main railway station) - Pasila.

There are alternative routes using trams and/or busses, but those will be slower and involve some changes. Take a look at which is the routeplanner for Helsinki region, it can suggest the routes and timetables for public transportation use.

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We are Floridians and a bit older so a lot of walking outside in cold weather is not something we handle very well. If there is too much walking, the budget is flexible enough for some ubers or taxis but getting one after a game at any Stadium is frequently a problem.
Helsinki weather in November can be cool, but rarely very cold. Of course, if it is wet and/or windy that may not be the most pleasant time for outdoor activities.
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