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Originally Posted by luitje View Post
First of, thanks all and CWS in particular for this thread - insanely useful. As I was reading through, I realized I must be eligible for a compensation where my type 3 flight was delayed by between 3 and 4 hours. I never claimed anything assuming only delays of 4+ hours were eligible for any comp. One delay happened this May, another almost a year ago (August 25); both were tech issues (B777). I have already submitted my claims and, honestly, not very hopeful, as it's been months since delays happened. Question I have, if BA rejects (and if I were them, I totally would, for a customer is clearly opportunistic about comp), shall I push back and continue pursuing my claim or shall I not bother (since until yesterday I didn't even know I was eligible for anything any way)?
So what that it was a year ago - you have 6 years to bring claims to court in the UK
Of course you push back if it tries to reject it

If you are entutled to compensation, you should receive it - so what that, until recently, you were not aware that you were entitled to it
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