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Originally Posted by jk88usa View Post
CYS put up ~600k in subsidy... I believe they were trying to re-attract AA or G4 to LAS and AA won out

The last time they tried this was like 2010/2011 after the recession as the industry started to regain traction, so maybe without ZK and given the economy it might do better this time around, but who knows. Great option for me though, I'm halfway b/w CYS and DEN...

Though as somebody noted on, no idea why they didn't just go after UA to DEN or DL to SLC...way better connection points for CYS
It is closer to $1.2 million per year (2 years) with the State money put in. The local city leaders here in Cheyenne are desperate for an airline to go with the $20 million in tax payer dollars they are using to build a new terminal building. Only about 5 people per day each way use the Great Lakes service (UA codeshare). You can get to DIA (DEN) in way less time than it took to complete your layover. The last time they were here AA left the day after the revenue guarantees ended...
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