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Originally Posted by boat9781 View Post
Over the past several months, Iíve noticed United is getting its groove back. The operation is running smooth, planes are pushing back on time. Padding the schedules has been reduced. Connectivity at the hubs has increased. Even the companies financials are showing improvement (though as a customer I care less about that, but worth noting).

Itís amazing to see how going back to the basics of running a great operation spills into other facets of the company.

Is anyone else seeing an improvement and, for as much as we give the airline a hard time, anything commendable youíve seen that youíd like to share?
OP, I have nothing to complain about with my UA experiences over the last 3 years. It has served me well in my travel needs and the benefits I have received for my loyalty are not insignificant. However my travel is mainly domestic so many of the posters who knock the international travel experience on here may be correct, I wouldn't know.

As a recent frequent flyer, my frame of reference does not go back to the pre-merger and "glory" days that many on here pine for. I think that helps me, as I can't compare what I am currently getting in benefits to those who compare airline travel today to that of 20-30 years ago. Additionally, my travel experience is augmented from what I have learned on this FT. I maximize my benefits & my CPU percentage is "enhanced" by the tricks I have learned here.
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