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Originally Posted by dmurphynj View Post

Maybe, if you come from the pmUA side of the house. For me, Im still trying to claw my way back to my CO life.

If we unwound the merger, right here, right now, the only upside for me was adding E+ to the CO fleet. Otherwise, we could split it back apart, put it back the way things were and Id be happier in every other single metric.

So, its hard for me to say best in 20 years. Since the merger, maybe. But still down from my CO customer
experience, even at its lowest point post-Lorenzo.
Yeah I do come from the pmUA side of things - started flying UA in 1991 when I moved to Hong Kong for work. And I'm sure the first 8-10 years of my flying UA was a better operation than CO. Now that I live in NYC, the merger was gold for me, sorry you feel you have lost out.

Apart from DL, which major int'l carrier is not going to 3-4-3 on the 777's? I know it was the next posters point but I suspect CO, if it had not merged with UA, would be doing the same?
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